Intention Blockchain

what is this?

Now you can store your intentions in a blockchain!

how it works

  1. Enter your name in the field below (or visit /chain/{your name here})
  2. Pick a password to encrypt your intention. It will not be stored on the server. If you forget the password, you won't be able to add to your intention blockchain.
  3. Write an intention/dream/hope/desire
  4. Click save.
  5. Copy the signature at the top of the page. This represents your intention.
  6. Share the signature with the universe...
  7. Enter your password again and write a new intention. Every subsequent signature/intention will be linked with all previous signatures in the chain.

You can also link to other people's intentions by typing their names or signatures in the link field. (Note: all intentions are encrypted. Linking to an intention only includes the latest signature for that name.)

See my intention here: /chain/dave/

why the heck would I do this?

It's magic.

Ok, I'm intrigued