Book of Changes


This divination uses an algorithm that matches the "four coin method". Toss one coin to determine whether the line is yang or yin (heads or tails, 1 or 0), then toss 3 more coins. If 3 out of the four coins tossed are heads (1), then the line is changing, otherwise it's an unchanging line. Repeat this process 6 times to build up the six lines, from bottom to top.

This method has the same probability as the ancient yarrow stalk method. It's also easy to implement, since it amounts to generating 24 random bits (1 or 0). There are 16,777,216 possible "coin flips" for each divination.

The random number generator is seeded from your IP address + the current time divided by 300. As a result, you won't receive a different answer within 5 minutes of the time you cast. Take that time to look up the hexagrams in your favorite reference book, and contemplate the changes. :)

Current time: July 16, 2024 02:41UTC